We are standing on the shoulders of giants. Our work here at Studio Hill is merely an attempt to reproduce and demonstrate the efforts of those who came before us.

It is our hope that those who choose to learn regenerative agricultre will benefit from both our successes at Studio Hill and our bone-headed failures. To that end, we will be maintaining a blog to document our work and the evolution of our thinking, a YouTube channel with videos that demonstrate our practices, and this page here as a repository of people, places, and things that lead and inspire us.

We hope you enjoy. Much more to come.

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    In no particular order.

    Regenerative Agriculture on the Blog

    Of Hogs and Hugels: Creating a Perennial Food Forest

    As regenerative farmers, our top priority is to sequester carbon into the soil. There are many methods to do this—and ...
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    2017’s Vermont Regenerative Soils Program

    I'm excited to tell you that, earlier this month, Senator Campion introduced a revised and updated version of our regenerative ...
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    The Regeneration at Studio Hill: A Slideshow

    I had the pleasure of presenting the story of our farm—from it's roots as a dairy in the '30s right ...
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    Jesse Discusses Regenerative Agriculture in this Upstream Interview with Mark Phillips (Audio)

    This spring, Mark Phillips, on a tour of regenerative projects in the northeast, was kind enough to stay in our area ...
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    Economy, Ecology, & the Launch of a Regenerative Food CSA

    Farming is slow. It's not often "relax-in-the-sunshine-with-a-frosty-beverage" slow. It's more like "your-mortgage" slow. Or, "walk-in-ski-boots" slow. Or "build-the-pyramids" slow.  Farming ...
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    Hope in the Face of Climate Change…and a Quick Look Into The Science of Grass

    Most people—as I did for over 30 years—overlook the importance of grass. It has been relegated by modern society to ...
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