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2017's Vermont Regenerative Soils Program

I'm excited to tell you that, earlier this month, Senator Campion introduced a revised and updated version of our regenerative soils bill to the Vermont legislature. The bill is S.43: An act relating to establishing a regenerative soils program. (Full text here.) It is currently with the Senate Commitee on Natural Resources and Energy, and is co-sponsored by Senators Sears, Bray, Clarkson, Pearson, and Pollina. Healthy Land, Healthy Profits I don't play politics. If I had my way, most days I'd never leave the farm. The reason I've written and proposed this legislation—with the help of many people smarter than I am—is simple: I believe it is in the interest of all Vermonters to rebuild an agricultural economy that uses...

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Personal Thoughts on the Upcoming Vermont Regenerative Soils Program Legislation

Today, Senator Brian Campion will introduce to the Vermont Legislature our second attempt at a bill that, if passed, would incentive the responsible stewardship of our state's ecosystems through the regeneration of our state's soils. I'm immensely proud of this bill and will publish a post tomorrow with the nitty-gritty details and text. For now, though, I offer only a few of my thoughts on why this bill is incredibly important for Vermont, for Vermont farmers, and for Vermont's future generations. On Vermont Farm Economies Vermont farmers are the heroes of this state. They've been able—under decades of incredible economic and regulatory pressures—to keep Vermont farmland working and open to the benefit of all Vermonters. Unfortunately, Vermont farmers and farmers...

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Our Regenerative Agriculture Bill Gets Support from Kiss the Ground and Regeneration International

I am thrilled to announce that our humble Vermont Senate Bill 159 has gained the support of two major regenerative agriculture advocacy groups: Kiss the Ground and Regeneration International. We are honored to have their help and support. They released the following joint press release:

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