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Economy, Ecology, & the Launch of a Regenerative Food CSA

Farming is slow. It's not often "relax-in-the-sunshine-with-a-frosty-beverage" slow. It's more like "your-mortgage" slow. Or, "walk-in-ski-boots" slow. Or "build-the-pyramids" slow.  Farming requires tremendous repetitive effort. And, the progress produced by that effort is incremental and, often, imperceptible.  But every once in a while, after years (and generations) of planning and work and preparation and building and stressing and pushing, something incredible is revealed. I'm proud and relieved to say that today is one of those days. Cally and I have a dream for this farm. We want to honor the work of three generations of the family by making the land they tended more wildly fertile. We want to restore and care for the buildings they erected by making the barns,...

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