Katahdin Sheepskin
Katahdin Sheepskin

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Katahdin Sheepskin

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This sheepskin is from a sheep that was raised regeneratively on our family farm. It was tanned using an entirely natural and clean process. It is completely free of harsh chemicals and odors.

The texture, color, and shape of our sheepskins vary significantly from one another. Please look at the photos and descriptions carefully and feel free to get in touch with any questions.



All sheepskins vary in size—as all sheep vary in size. We've measured all our skins across the two center axes—vertically and horizontally—so that you know the size of the skin you're ordering.


Our sheep are raised using regenerative farming practices. This means that we manage our flock of sheep in a way that allows a sheep to be a sheep and exhibit their natural behaviors...with a natural diet...in a natural environment—for their whole lives.

Across all 100 acres of our pastures, we rebuilt the grass/grazer relationship that evolved to thrive in the planet's grasslands for millions of years—and, as a result, the ecosystem is growing stronger, more resilient, and more productive every year.

By purchasing one of our sheepskins, you're not only getting a wonderful addition to your home, you're supporting ecosystem restoration through agriculture.

100% Natural Tanning

Our sheepskins are tanned by Vermont Natural Sheepskins—the only natural tannery of this type in North America. These skins are produced using a method developed—and certified as organic—in the United Kingdom. (There is no organic certification for tanneries in the US.) None of our sheepskins contain any toxic chemical residues, odors, or skin irritants.

Pasture-Raised, 100% Grass-Fed Sheep

We have been working hard over the years to breed our flock of sheep back to their natural diets. All industrialized animals—cows, sheep, chickens, etc.—have been bred over many years and many generations to thrive on unnatural diets of grain. This practice degrades our environment and leads to the development of animals that can no longer survive in their natural habitats. We believe that's shortsighted and weird.

After many years of careful breeding, our sheep are now sustained entirely by the land they inhabit. That means their lives are not dependent on fossil fuels, nor tillage, nor herbcides, nor pesticides, nor fertilizers. The sheep feed the soil and the soil feeds the sheep.

About Katahdin Sheep

Katahdins are "hair sheep." This means that Katahdins were bred to shed their fleeces naturally—as opposed to wool breeds that have been bred to never shed their fleeces, allowing their wool could be harvested. This means that some of our sheepskins are soft and woolly (because the sheepskin was tanned before the animal shed its wool), and some of our sheepskins have shorter, soft hair more akin to a deer skin (because the animal had shed the wool).

Harvesting Our Sheep

We're a small family farm. We recognize and remember many of the sheep that produced these sheepskins. Harvest day is always the hardest day on the calendar. Farming is—and should be—loving and emotional.

Every day, we strive to provide our sheep with wonderful lives in natural environments. We also choose to harvest the animals on our farm so that we can ensure the quickest, least stressful, most respectful death possible.

We harvest our sheep primarily for the meat they produce. We use their meat to feed our family and our community. We do not harvest them for these skins. But, as we believe in making use of everything we can from each animal we harvest, we tan and use and sell these sheepskins.

Money-Back Guarantee

If you're not satisfied with your sheepskin, for any reason, please send it back to us within 15 days of receiving it—in the condition in which you received it—and we'll be happy to give you a full refund.