Delicious pasture-raised local chicken
Pasture-Raised Freedom Ranger
Pastured Broiler Chickens - Bulk Order
Our pasture-raised birds move every day to fresh green pasture.

Pastured Broiler Chickens - Bulk Order

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Fill your freezer for the winter of 2020 by placing a bulk order for our pasture-raised, chemical-free, regenerative, uncertified organic broiler whole chickens.

These flavorful and nutritious Freedom Ranger chickens are raised in our regenerating, holistically-managed pastures throughout the growing season. They eat a rich, diverse, and natural diet of grasses, clovers, insects, and local regenerative organic grain from Stone House Grain.

You will receive several boxes of whole, frozen chickens—each weighing approximately 4 (or more) lbs. Please be sure you have the freezer space available upon pickup or delivery. You will be given a rough delivery date upon ordering, and an exact pickup/delivery date a few weeks in advance.

We process these birds on the farm in small batches. They are uninspected, and therefore we are limited to raising only 999 under Vermont law.

Orders will be filled throughout the summer and will be delivered locally (within Vermont, within 25 miles) at no cost. Pickup at the farm is also available for customers from outside Vermont.

Supply is limited.

For every order received, we will raise 5 extra chickens for local food banks.