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Studio Hill Featured in Patagonia’s Worn Wear Campaign

This video came out a few months ago, but I realized only recently that I hadn’t posted it here!

So this video came about after Patagonia reached out to us—through a friend of a friend of a friend kinda connection—to see if we had any Patagonia clothing that might have come down through a few generations. Luckily…we did.

Patagonia has a wonderful clothing repair program called Worn Wear and they’re producing great videos to promote the longevity of their clothing and the “repair, don’t replace” ethic.

There are Very Few companies to which we’d lend our faces. We’ve been approached by a few companies over the years and we’ve said no. But, when Patagonia called, we leapt at the chance to help them promote their Worn Wear program, and by extension their support for regenerative agriculture through their off-shoot company, Patagonia Provisions.

We love what they do. We hope to work with them more in the future. And we’re proud to be featured in this video—which they’ve put atop Plus…isn’t Cally so damn amazing?! <3