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VIDEO: On Becoming a Savory Influencer Hub

Last year, Cally and I made the decision to apply to become a Savory Influencer Hub. We have long-admired the work of the Savory Institute and the inspirational land managers around the globe in the Savory Global Network of hubs and projects.

We had met and spoken with Allan Savory on a few occasions and found him to be generous, hopeful, and inspiring. He was the reason, after all, that we had livestock. His holistic management had changed our lives. It brought a suffering farm back to life, it changed our farm’s economic situation, and it empowered us to make better decisions more confidently.

And so, with much hand-wringing, we submitted the video above—along with many other materials—to Savory’s Global Network Coordinator.

To make a long story, short: We were invited—with tremendous enthusiasm—to join their Global Network and become a Savory Institute Influencer Hub!

We are tremendously honored to join a community of such caring, enthusiastic, and inspiring people. And we can’t wait to get started.